CABO Store Event

Posted: May 5, 2017

CABO- A New Adventure To Shop

CABO is at the NC Festival!

This three-day festival May 19-21 traditionally draws thousands of people through different activities and venues happening at the Fairgrounds. CABO’s mission is to promote and educate about alpaca, this Ag Festival is another outstanding opportunity to promote your alpacas, breeding programs, farm products and show off the excellent uses of alpaca fleece. All CABO farms are encouraged to participate. Use the CABO Farm Store to expand your marketing outreach! When we set up the Farm Store, there is always great interest from our customers in alpaca. Even if you don’t have products for sale, or can’t come to the event, send along your farm business cards, sales fliers and promotional materials for display.   We always need folks to talk about alpacas, their care and the alpaca world in general. Some of our members have volunteered to set up fiber arts demonstrations or work in the Store. Join in the fun for all or part of the event! Contact Lori Cherry at 919-622-0339, Jane Clark at 919-563-6948or Lisa Weir at 267-218-2115 for details.

Watch for alpaca farmers at the various Farmers Markets throughout the state

Shop for gifts galore at the Alpaca Farms that are part of the Carolina Owners and Breeders Association.  Look at the members to see when and where you will find many of these local Alpaca farms with store hours.  Some have their stores open throughout the year with  an appointment, some with regular hours but you may call the farms to gather information on products, hours, directions and tours that might be available.

To get the standardized CABO Store Inventory List provided for the members Clicking Here.