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We offer three types of memberships:

  • Associate Membership$50.00.
    Associate members are listed on the CABO website, receive email announcements of CABO events, receive a Bi monthly newsletter, and can sell items in the CABO store during related events.
  • Carolina’s Farm Membership$100.00.
    You must currently reside in North or South Carolina and own at least one alpaca or llama. Carolina’s Farm members have voting privileges, and full benefits which include discounts for the Carolina Alpaca Celebration.
  • Non-Carolinas Farm Membership$100.00.
    You must own at least one alpaca or llama. Non-Carolinas Farm members do not have voting privileges. You will receive all other benefits.

Membership is valid for 1 year from July 1st to June 30th . Membership fee is due by July 1st . All New members who join after March 1st will not have to renew until July 1st of the following year

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