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Learn to Skirt Your Fleece for Show and Mill

Fleece Preparation

October 20–RayNay Alpaca Farm–Char Johnson will be training individuals to skirt their fleeces for show and for sending to the mill at the Alpaca farm of Ray and Candy McMahan.   CABO Members will have a reduced fee.  Non members are welcome to attend but reservations must be made as the class will be limited.  There will be others held around the two state area and dates will be announced soon.   Contact Char  at 614-565-0677 or Candy for more details.  This will be in time for you to get your fleece ready to sell at the CABO store during the 2018 SAFF event in Fletcher, NC at the end of October.


CAC Show

Carolina Alpaca Celebration

February 16, 17, 2019

Show Committee Meeting at Noon on September 15, 2018Cancelled Due to Weather

Future Meeting Dates: 10/21, 11/17, 12/15, 1/12, 1/26

 Contact Tom Wilson to become involved

Thanks Again for your Support and your Commitment!!!!


Get On board to Sell your Products!!!

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Alpaca Marketplace

Let’s make the CABO Alpaca Marketplace a

Success at SAFF!!!!!

Let’s support the Alpaca Marketplace at the SAFF event October 26-28, 2018 which you can get details about the event through

Members:  Bring your fleece and other items for the Alpaca Marketplace with your inventory sheet to Char Johnson to sell items throughout the upcoming SAFF in October, 2018. Then contact her to participate  during the SAFF at the State Fairgrounds near Fletcher, 2018.

CABO opened the Alpaca Marketplace at the Southern Alpaca Celebration in February. As one of the benefits of membership, farm members may contribute their products to sell through the Alpaca Marketplace, which is managed by the CABO board and staffed by CABO volunteers. This  past year, 10 member-farms contributed a wide range of products including felted soaps, alpaca yarns, roving, fleece, alpaca clothing, baskets and stuffed animals.  The diversity of products helped to make this  past year’s sales one of the best. Each item carrys two sale tags, preferably the kind with the separation including farm name, price and item detail, and an inventory sheet.  Contact Char Johnson  at 614-565-0677 for more details and getting the items to them for the upcoming events as well as volunteering to work at the events.

There is a 10% charge to help defray the booth costs which will be deducted from the sale of the items sold.  Volunteers are needed  to help in the booth.

National Alpaca Farm Days

September 29–30, 2018

Come visit Farms across the Carolinas as they

celebrate National Alpaca Farm Days.

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