About CABO

Carolina Alpaca Breeders and Owners – CABO, was created in 2004.  This organization has played a vital role in the advancement of the alpaca community in the Carolinas.  Our goals include promoting alpaca health care, educational events, shows and exhibits, cooperative efforts to purchase supplies and services – essentially providing a network of activities and support.

Vigorous growth has boosted our alpaca industry.  We’ve seen a surge in the number of alpacas and their owners in the Carolinas and our neighboring states.  Together, we’re working to advance this expansion through sharing resources, ideas and experience.

And we invite you to join us.  We represent big farms and small, newcomers and old-timers, retirees and young families – a variety and diversity that enriches our group.  CABO folks are a fascinating, informative, friendly bunch – actual comments we hear again and again from our visitors!  Many of us chose to live here, and gained our Southern hospitality through learning rather than birth.  Each of us has a story of getting started and has a central theme of falling in love with these unusual, gentle, beautiful animals.  Our members enjoy sharing their individual histories and talking ALPACAS. They do know their subject!  Huacayas and Suris, proud show champions, breeding adults and their lovable youngsters, fiber and companion alpacas – you’ll discover whatever you seek at a farm near you.  You’ll learn about alpaca history, their ancestors, their ability to thrive with basic good care, their distinctive traits that have won so many alpaca fans.

And fiber!  Ask us about luxurious alpaca fleece – from shearing and processing how-to’s to the colorful panorama of alpaca products available.  If you’re exploring the prospect of alpaca ownership, want to learn more about opportunities in this growing industry, or simply wish to spend some quality time with these appealing animals, please contact any of our members and arrange a farm visit.  If possible, visit several! – each visit yields a fresh perspective, and a potential new friend.

With genuine Carolina hospitality, we welcome you.