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CABO was formed in 2004 as a resource for alpaca owners, many of whom embodied the small family farm.  First imported to the US in the early 1990’s, by 2004 alpacas were more common when a handful of farms came together to share experiences and needs.

CABO played a vital role in the advancement of the alpaca community by promoting activities ranging from alpaca health care, offering educational events, producing shows and exhibits and organizing cooperative efforts to purchase supplies and services.  Undoubtedly, these activities remain a core purpose of CABO.  As alpaca farming and ranching is becoming more widespread, CABO is increasingly focused on finding ways of growing and sustaining the productivity of our alpaca farms and their allied products and agritourism activities.

CABO intends to continue to shape the future by helping members bolster the success of their business models, intensifying marketing and outreach opportunities and building economic partnerships with commercial and burgeoning cottage industries.
We represent an inspiring variety and diversity of large and small farms.  CABO folks are a fascinating, informative, friendly bunch — actual comments we hear again and again from our visitors!  Our members enjoy sharing their individual histories and talking about their alpaca adventures.  Join us where you’ll have the opportunity to learn about alpaca history and ancestry, their ability to thrive with basic good care and their distinctive traits at a farm near you…

With genuine Carolina hospitality, we welcome you..

News & Events

2020 Annual Meeting

Members:  Dues are due!!!

Fill out the CABO 2020 Membership Form and return per directions. Get your dues in to avoid losing your listing on the member directory.

Congrats to our new officers:  Alicia Holbrook -President, Kandy Lovelidge- Vice President,  Anne Akers -Secretary, and Kathy Davis- Treasurer.

Watch for new announcements regarding activities being scheduled for the alpaca industry. 


CAC Show Committee

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CAC Mail-in Fleece Show

Thank you to our fleece sponsors: Carolina Pride Alpacas, Carolina Pride Pastures, Healing Springs Suris, Heritage Farm Suri Alpacas,  Mpress Alpacas, Kandy Coated Alpacas, Lainas Alpacas, Long Hollow Suri Alpacas/New Era Fiber, M & M Alpacas, MacKenie’s Meadow Farm, RayNay Alpaca Farm, Sie Sutter Suri Alpacas, The Alpacas of Spring Acres.

  CAC Halter show is cancelled for 2021 but will return in 2022.

Alpaca Marketplace

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Alpaca Marketplace

Let’s make the CABO Alpaca Marketplace a Success

SAFF is cancelled.  Hopefully next at CAC.

Participation in the CABO Marketplace is a valuable part of your CABO membership.  Members of the fiber committee work hard to promote the alpaca industry and to sell your farm products.  Every farm that has participated in the last three Marketplace events has had sales more than the cost of their annual CABO membership fee.

We will be promoting alpacas as livestock, demonstrating working with alpaca fiber and selling YOUR farm products!  We will also display member business cards and promotional materials.  Member-farms have historically contributed a wide range of products including felted soaps, alpaca yarns, roving, fleece, alpaca clothing, baskets and stuffed animals.  Please contact Char Johnson at 614 565-0677 or HappyTailsAlpacaFarm@yahoo.com for help getting your items and business materials to this event or to find out how you can volunteer to help setup or work in the store.  Send your items to an event and sometimes  we can forward them on to the next event.  Each item sold at the store should carry two sale tags, preferably the kind with the separation including farm name, price and item detail.  All items should also be listed on an inventory sheet which should be provided to Char prior to the event.  Click here to view the CABO Alpaca Marketplace Rules and Regulations.

There is a 10% charge to help defray the booth costs which will be deducted from the sale of the items sold.  Volunteers are needed to help in the booth.