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CABO, was created in 2004. This organization has played a vital role in the advancement of the alpaca community in the Carolinas. Our goals include promoting alpaca health care, educational events, shows and exhibits, cooperative efforts to purchase supplies and services — essentially providing a network of activities and support .
We represent big farms and small, newcomers and older-timers, retirees and young families — a variety and diversity that enriches our group. CABO folks are a fascinating, informative, friendly bunch — actual comments we hear again and again from our visitors!  Our members enjoy sharing their individual histories and talking ALPACAS.  You’ll have the opportunity to learn about alpaca history, their ancestors, their ability to thrive with basic good care, their distinctive traits at a farm near you…

With genuine Carolina hospitality, we welcome you..

News & Events

Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF)

 The Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF) is drawing close!

October 28, 29, 30 in Fletcher, NC, just south of Asheville.

What CABO does at SAFF:

Each year, CABO operates a store at SAFF. As a member, this is an opportunity for you to contribute your farm items for sale through the CABO store. CABO volunteers operate the store and sell the products. (And we’re always looking for expert sales staff and other volunteers!) CABO charges a 10% commission to help offset the cost of the booth. We are continuing last year’s partnership with the Georgia Alpaca Association to increase exposure to all things alpaca

Last year, we did more sales than in the previous three years. This year, we need your help to make it even better. You can sell just about anything at SAFF. The people that attend are not only handcrafters and hand spinners, but folks come from all over and are looking for new and unusual items. We sold dryer balls, yarn, roving, scarves, mittens, wrist warmers, felted soap, ornaments, decorations, socks, baskets, fleece and everything in between. If you have it in your farm store, sell it at SAFF. At the very least, send business cards and farm flyers for display. We want to include as many farms as would like the exposure. All fiber products must contain alpaca.

How do I get my products there?
If you are in the Asheville area or are planning on attending SAFF, you can drop them off at the CABO Store.

Or, please contact either:

Lori Cherry, Alpacas at Cherry Run, angelalpacas@gmail.com
Jane Clark, Cribleman Suri Alpacas, criblemansurialpaca@gmail.com
Marion Snider, CharMar Alpacas, mppumpkin@aol.com
Leonard Bates, LABrador Acres, moeleo@comporium.net

We will make pick up/drop off arrangements.

How should my products be labeled?

All the items you contribute should be double-tagged with your farm identifier and documented on an inventory form. We can either email you an inventory form or it can be downloaded from the CABO website.

How do I get paid for my sales?
You will receive a check from CABO for your proceeds. Sales tax is an obligation and you will be given an accounting sheet that separates out the taxes you are responsible for and the CABO commission.

Where do I get more information?
Please visit www.saffsite.org for more details on the entire event, vendors, workshops etc. Email Lori Cherry at angelalpacas@gmail.com or call 919-622-0339 (after 5 pm on weekdays) for questions.

How do I sell my fleece at SAFF?
A dedicated location is provided for fleece sales. This year, the alpaca fleece will go through a visual inspection of grading and sorting the fleece based on fiber fineness and staple. This will give the spinner and handcrafter an indication of how the fleece might be used and what it is suitable for. This has been an area of uncertainty for many fleece users used to wool, and has been an obstacle preventing them from purchasing alpaca fleece. Fleece must be registered for the sale through www.saffsite.org (fleece sale tab) and depending on the registration date, the fee ranges from $1.00 to $6.00. SAFF charges a 15% commission.

Can I take classes at SAFF?
Workshops are offered throughout the event from Thursday through Sunday and they sell out fast. They cover a large variety of topics from basketry and hooked rugs to dyeing fleece, knitting, felting and weaving. All require pre-registration and costs range from $50 to $145 for a two day class. Roo Klein will be teaching about choosing alpaca fleece, dyeing fleece, blending and so on. Whether or not you are a fiber artist, this event is worth attending just to see some of the possibilities that exist for selling or processing your fleeces.

There is also an opportunity to exhibit your alpacas/llamas.


Congrats go out to Andrea Nissen for obtaining her AOA accredited Spin-Off Judge.  It is great to have one of these in our Carolina group.  Congrats!!!!

Membership Renewal

It’s membership renewal time again!

Don't Forget

All CABO memberships expire on June 30th.  Also please check and update your listing’s email address to ensure that you receive important messages throughout the year.  It’s easy to renew on-line or simply print off the Membership Application form  and mail it in.


A Late Fee of $25 Occurs if You Renew After October 31st

2017 CAC Meeting

CAC Show Committee Meeting

November 19 @ 1:00 PM

We will be holding our next  2017 CAC Committee meeting and all CABO members are welcome (and encouraged) to attend.  Meeting will be at Lori Cherry’s Alpacas at Cherry Run,  79 Vista Ridge Rd, Willow Springs, NC 27592 2   Phone: 919-622-0339.

  Please contact Lori to let her know if you will be in attendance.

Save these future dates for additional meetings:  12/10 at Cribleman Suri, 1/7 at Raynay, 1/21 at Carolina Pride, 2/4 at CharMar.  Details will be announced as we get closer to the date of the next meeting.