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CABO was formed in 2004 as a resource for alpaca owners, many of whom embodied the small family farm.  First imported to the US in the early 1990’s, by 2004 alpacas were more common when a handful of farms came together to share experiences and needs.

CABO played a vital role in the advancement of the alpaca community by promoting activities ranging from alpaca health care, offering educational events, producing shows and exhibits and organizing cooperative efforts to purchase supplies and services.  Undoubtedly, these activities remain a core purpose of CABO.  As alpaca farming and ranching is becoming more widespread, CABO is increasingly focused on finding ways of growing and sustaining the productivity of our alpaca farms and their allied products and agritourism activities.

CABO intends to continue to shape the future by helping members bolster the success of their business models, intensifying marketing and outreach opportunities and building economic partnerships with commercial and burgeoning cottage industries.
We represent an inspiring variety and diversity of large and small farms.  CABO folks are a fascinating, informative, friendly bunch — actual comments we hear again and again from our visitors!  Our members enjoy sharing their individual histories and talking about their alpaca adventures.  Join us where you’ll have the opportunity to learn about alpaca history and ancestry, their ability to thrive with basic good care and their distinctive traits at a farm near you…

With genuine Carolina hospitality, we welcome you..

News & Events

SC Agritourism Seminar

Using Agritourism To Boost Your Bottomline

Carolina Pride Pastures

Pomaria, SC

January 19, 2019

10 AM til 2 PM

Learn how to use your farm to develop a successful Agritourism program.  Presenters include alpaca farmers, SC Agritourism Association representatives, and SC AG + ART Tour, a Clemson Extension Program, Administrators.  In addition, there will be a question and answer session at the end of the program to cover any additional questions you may have. 

Lunch and learning materials provided.

CABO members $20

Non members $25

Limited to 40 participants

Click here to register

CAC Show

Carolina Alpaca Celebration

February 16, 17, 2019

Next Show Committee Meeting at 12:30pm on December 15, 2018 at the

Randolph County Public Library, Asheboro, NC 

Come join us early at 11am for a festive potluck luncheon and get together to celebrate the holidays.  If you are able to attend, please contact Laina Peck-Bostwick or Cynthia Wilson on what to bring.  Look forward to seeing everyone!  


Future Meeting Dates: 1/12, 1/26

 Contact Tom Wilson to become involved

Thanks Again for your Support and your Commitment!!!!


Alpaca Marketplace

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Alpaca Marketplace

Let’s make the CABO Alpaca Marketplace a

Success at CAC!!!!!

Let’s support the Alpaca Marketplace at the CAC Market Place event Eebruary 16, 17, 2019.    You can get more details about the event through Carolina Alpaca Breeders and Owners website.

Members:  Bring your fleece and other items for the Alpaca Marketplace with your inventory sheet to Char Johnson to sell items throughout the upcoming CAC show in February, 2019. Then contact her to participate  during the CAC  show at the Cabarrus Event Center in Concord, NC.

CABO opened the Alpaca Marketplace at the Southern Alpaca Celebration last February. As one of the benefits of membership, farm members may contribute their products to sell through the Alpaca Marketplace, which is managed by the CABO board and staffed by CABO volunteers. This  past year, 10 member-farms contributed a wide range of products including felted soaps, alpaca yarns, roving, fleece, alpaca clothing, baskets and stuffed animals.  The diversity of products helped to make this  past year’s sales one of the best. Each item carries two sale tags, preferably the kind with the separation including farm name, price and item detail, and an inventory sheet.  Contact Char Johnson  at 614-565-0677 for more details and getting the items to them for the upcoming events as well as volunteering to work at the events.

There is a 10% charge to help defray the booth costs which will be deducted from the sale of the items sold.  Volunteers are needed  to help in the booth.