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CABO, was created in 2004. This organization has played a vital role in the advancement of the alpaca community in the Carolinas. Our goals include promoting alpaca health care, educational events, shows and exhibits, cooperative efforts to purchase supplies and services — essentially providing a network of activities and support .
We represent big farms and small, newcomers and older-timers, retirees and young families — a variety and diversity that enriches our group. CABO folks are a fascinating, informative, friendly bunch — actual comments we hear again and again from our visitors!  Our members enjoy sharing their individual histories and talking ALPACAS.  You’ll have the opportunity to learn about alpaca history, their ancestors, their ability to thrive with basic good care, their distinctive traits at a farm near you…

With genuine Carolina hospitality, we welcome you..

News & Events

Board Nominations

The Nominations committee is now presently active in the process of recruiting candidates for the Carolina Alpaca Breeders and Owners Association board.  Three terms are expiring this year, and thus we are seeking candidates to run for these positions.

Requirements to be a candidate are:  Live in North or South Carolina, be a CABO Farm Member, and own at lease one alpaca.

We are asking for those meeting the requirements and have an interest in helping shape the organization to  contact a member of the  committee or Betty Lou Herter, Nominations Chair at bherter66@aol.com .

Education Series 2017

Members and Guests

The CABO Board has put together a series of learning experiences for its members as well as others involved with Alpacas.  You must register with Jane Clark at criblemansurialpaca@gmail.com or by 919-563-6948 (evenings) or by cell at 919-632-8077.  There is limited seating and payment is required for placement.  Read the  info by selecting the link below.

CABO Education 2017 Series

Shop at your local Alpaca Farms

Watch for alpaca farmers at the various Farmers Markets throughout the state

Shop for gifts galore at the Alpaca Farms that are part of the Carolina Owners and Breeders Association.  Look at the members to see when and where you will find many of these local Alpaca farms with store hours.  Some have their stores open throughout the year with  an appointment, some with regular hours but you may call the farms to gather information on products, hours, directions and tours that might be available.

Show Time!!

Carolina Alpaca Celebration Show Time Is Over for 2017!!!!

Thank you to all the exhibitors, the vendors, the sponsors, and the volunteers for a great and excellent show.  The weather was perfect, the animals were exceptional, the show supers were effective, and the visitors were great.  We hope all enjoyed the show and will return next year.

Save the dates for next years event  February 17 and 18, 2018!!

Thanks Again!!!!



2017 CAC Meeting

CAC Show Committee

Post show  meeting tbd